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Slim Chinese Chick Melian Exposes Her Hot Boobs

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Naughty Malay hijab babe in her filthy nude and pussy shots

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Singaporean DJ Tenashar Leaked Nude Photos Going Viral And Causing A Busty Scandal

Singaporean model turn DJ Tenashar has found herself in the middle of a leaked nude photos scandal. And she has been fighting hard in recent months to suppress the spread of these naked photos. These nude pictures of Tenashar have been floating around the web a lot in recent months but they have been online since 2011 at the very least and were probably taken in 2010 when she was about 22 year-old. Tenashar is seen in these photos fully nude in nature and with her fully natural body. These photographs of Tenashar topless in some, bottomless in others and fully naked in some were taken before her boobs were enhance with implants. She claim the photos were sold to a “porn” website by the photographer without her permission. We don’t know the photographer’s side of the story however according to her she paid him to do the photo shoot with the agreement the nude photographs were only for her portfolio but apparently he could use the non-nude pics for his portfolio too. According to the information the photographer submitted to the “porn” (nude art) website, he either met Tenashar in Koh Rong, a large mostly uninhabited island off the coast of Cambodia, or that is where the photos were taken.

Tenashar is a beautiful Chinese girl with a beautiful body, nice small boobs (before the implants) and a tight little Asian ass. Everyone that sent us the leaked nude photos pointed out they were taken before Tenashar got fake boobs and she only got famous after. Her breasts are obviously smaller in these nude images then how they currently appear. In the leaked nude photos Tenashar is seen on the beach with no panties or bikini bottoms on, only a white sheer top. There are some really nice shots of her jumping into the air, so cute and yet sexy too. There are some beautiful pictures of Tenashar in the ocean as the sun is setting
too. But the fully nude pictures in nature with a forest background is the most revealing. And if you don’t believe these nude photos are of Tenashar then look at her official website (here and here) and official Facebook pages (here and here) and you will see some images from the photo shoot with the same background as her nature shoot minus the full nudity. You can also see the name of the photographer she accused of wrongdoing watermarked in the images.

Anyway, Tenashar has been on the cover of FHM Singapore and FHM Taiwan, she was featured in FHM Malaysia in 2011 and she was crowned #87 in 2013’s DJ Mag Top 100 DJs. And recently Tenashar become the first Singaporean to appear on Playboy cover (Thailand version). The model turn DJ also made the headlines in Hong Kong for going out on a photography shoot during the Usagi Typhoon prompting some to call her Typhoon Girl. Tenashar has become really famous as a DJ/model in the last year or so and the rumors of nude photos have been gaining popularity along with her fame. We receive an email on February 17, 2013 with the subject line “Singapore DJ Tenasha before surgery (boobs job) and before make up” and the 27 nude photos of
DJ Tenashar were attached. And again another person sent the following email a few month later with a link to the same nude photos:

From: ***********
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2013 10:20 AM
Subject: Tip : DJ Tenashar

Budding International DJ Tenashar. Rumored to be famous only after she had her boobs n face done.

Real name : Debbie Valerie Long

Nude photos taken before surgery:



Was featured on FHM cover:

you might ask, why haven’t we posted these nude pictures on Gutter Uncensored much sooner. We saw that she was getting very famous and decided to wait until she was much more famous to post the topless and nude pictures of her. And it was a good plan because she is much more famous a year later… Tenashar has appeared on the cover of several magazines and in commercials while we were waiting. And she nearly have a half a million “likes” or fans on Facebook. She is now probably the most popular Singaporean celebrity to have her nude photos leaked after she became famous. And will undoubtedly become much more famous after her nude photos are posted on the Gutter Uncensored blog. She will try to have these nude images remove from the Gutter Uncensored so we might offer download links later after re-uploading the images.

All of the sources that sent the images wanted it to be noted she only got popular after she got her breasts enlarged with boob implants. Some people say she vehemently denied that she had any plastic surgery but these nude pictures of her before make it obvious her boobs were enhanced. Interestingly, she doesn’t vehemently deny she has naked photos floating around the internet but instead she doesn’t comment on this issue. Yes, she is Singaporean and nude modeling is frowned upon in the very conservative and traditional culture of the island nation. But times are changing, many models and young starlets in Singapore are opting to bare all in photo shoot. They tend to want to hide it after gaining fame but in the age on the Internet they are finding it difficult to keep naked secrets out of the public eye. But something tell me these leak nude photos will enhance Tenashar’s career and fame greater than her breasts implants did and a lot faster too. If you have more nude or topless pictures of DJ Tenashar or pictures taken after her boob job then please send them to our email address.
Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Here is DJ Tenashar with a little more clothes on and on the cover of varies publications:

DJ Tenashar is really showing off what success a busty boob job can bring: 



Debbie Valerie Long better known by her stage name as DJ Tenashar was born and brought up in Singapore by a Eurasian father and a Chinese mother, but has lived most of their years in Spain and Europe. Tenashar’s Eurasian heritage is that of Spanish and Chinese. After spending most of her early modeling and DJing days in Europe (Spain, Ibiza, Italy). This FHM Cover girl is now based in Hong Kong and models and DJs internationally.

Tenashar’s talents extends beyond the realm of modelling, but also to photography, disk-jockeying and entrepreneurship. Tenashar was also once a broker in the financial world of Singapore but she gave up this career to follow her passion for photography and modeling eventually.

Proficient in English, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin, it is no surprise the name Tenashar is fast becoming internationally known. Her modelling career has already seen a series of successful shoots with notable brand names such has Cosmopolitan, FHM, Asian Geographic, Wardrobe Fashion Trends (WTF) and Fashion TV.

As a model embedded with a European mindset, she hopes to work with more photographers and artists in her pursuit of creating more photos that would transcend the boundaries of conventional modeling. Where others might see modeling as a means, Tenashar sees beyond that, where what she does is an art form.

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Thanks to ben

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